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What We Do

  • High volume document scanning
  • Scanning on a weekly, monthly or indeed daily basis according to your needs.
  • Scanning of large format documents such as architectural drawings
  • Scanning of smaller documents such are as held in lever arch files - P.O.D Dockets, Invoices etc.
  • Despeckling and/or de-skewing of documents
  • Batch scanning to provide folders containing all documents pertaining to a particular project or area of project, irrespective of document size or format
  • Converting microfilm or microfiche cards to digital format
  • Competitive pricing
  • Retrieval Software
  • Suppliers of A4/ A3 Colour/ Black & White Scanners (Call for Price) 
  • Conversion of printed material to character format by OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Computer Consultancy / Computer Systems Design and/or Implementation – especially where document management is critical

    Company Profile

    Digital Archiving Services was formed in 1997 to provide services to local businesses which included the conversion of documents of all sizes and uses to digital format. Over the past ten years many of Northern Ireland's leading companies from many different industries have availed of our services. Industries include: healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, financial, heritage, local government, haulage and many others.

    We are now based in the Portview Trade Centre, and have secure premises in which all work is normally processed. We can store large quantities of documents here prior to and after, scanning.

    All our staff are fully trained in the use of our scanning equipment, and our experienced consultants can assist in project control, and customising work to meet users' exact requirements.

    Digital archiving is a rapidly expanding application area, and we ensure that the services we offer the N Ireland are fully up-to-date, through frequent contact with the market leaders in GB and beyond.

    We have close contacts with a company in England that has been specialising in providing service to the construction/ engineering sector for many years. These services would include conversion of raster images to vector form, and manipulation of layers within drawing images. These services can be made available to the NI companies through DAS.

    We enjoy working with many of NI's leading software firms to provide an excellent service to the customer

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