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Project Control

Each job we undertake is treated as a project. This ensures that all procedures are set in place which are needed to ensure that the job is completed on time, and to the required standards.

An understanding of the total job is needed in order for it to be divided into manageable units which are easy to control. Once these units have been identified, the documents to be processed can be batched. Batch controls are then introduced which in turn assist the project manager in controlling the flow of work.

Batch & Label:
Each document within a batch wil be prepared for scanning. Depending on the indexing requirements, each drawing may need to be labelled and details recorded for future indexing purposes.

Scanning begins once all preparation in completed and the project manager is satisfied with progress up to this point. This is a straight-forward procedure, but requires that the scanner is set up to provide the best possible image for the type of drawing being scanned. Any enhancement to be done to each drawing, will be carried out in batch mode following scanning.

When a batch has been scanned and each drawing has been examined and approved, indexing will then take place. This can simply as drawing number of filelds of description.

We can devise much more sophisticated procedures that would allow you to access drawings by other fields needed, such as drawing number, location, i.e. Queen's Bridge, architect or description.

Any indexing data which can be accessed from an existing computer file will be used. This normally provides a much more accurate level of indexing, but it is essential, and we certainly ensure that adequate procedures are in place so that the correct data is applied to the corresponding drawing.

Quality Control
At each stage of the above, routines need to be followed and predetermined steps are taken to ensure that all drawings are correctly dealt with and that all images are acceptable and indexed with the correct fields.

When the quality checks have been completed, additional procedures, such as vectoring of each drawing can be applied.

Customer Involvement
Here at Digital Archiving Services we ask that each customer nominate one member of their staff who will be responsible for liasing with our project team and assisting in the resolution of any queries which may arise.

Providing an exceptional service is very important to use and we strive very hard to accommodation customer queries and needs.

Project Control
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