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We provide scanning services for both large format documents, such as architectural drawings, and smaller documents, such as are generally held in folders or lever-arch files.

We frequently scan all documents relating to a project, and provide an electronic folder containing all images. The folder can be indexed in such a way as to provide the user with several options to access whatever information is required.

As an additional service, all images can be de-speckled and de-skewed. This will ensure that all images are clean and consistently presented. Also, images so cleaned take up significantly less disk space.

We can also convert information held on microfilm or microfiche cards to digital format. Small format documents, such as Health & Safety Procedures, or correspondence, can be scanned and stored together with the large format images, producing an electronic folder containing all relevant data.

We also provide an In House Solution, where we supply your company with a scanner, retrieval software and staff training.


  • Increased time efficiency - instant access to information
  • Access to documents can be granted to many people, even via the internet
  • Reduced storage space required
  • Multiple copies of data can be stored
  • Documents can be reprinted if necessary
  • Document security
  • Preservation of very old and important documents - scanning quality is such that the reprinted documents can be substitutes
If you would like further information please contact us to discuss project requirements. We are also happy to show you samples and demos of projects we have completed.
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