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How Much Does It Cost To Store Your Paper Records?

Information has been stored on paper for hundreds of years, yet we estimate that every page that you hang on to, can cost you up to 4p per year just to store it. Current developments in scanner and storage technology now makes it possible to convert your paper records to digital format, easily and accurately.

The images of up to 300,000 A4 pages can be stored on a single DVD and a removable hard disk costing £100 can hold at least 300,000,000 images!

So what are the advantages of digitising your paper?

  • Your valuable office space can be freed for more productive uses.
  • At the touch of the keyboard, all your original records and files, including manuscript notes, can be called up on your PC, printed out or routed as you wish.
  • Many people can have access to the same document at the same time, either by an internal network or via the internet.
  • Multiple copies of your data can be held in various locations; and with some additional software your records can even be sorted, collated and analysed, a feature that cannot be achieved with paper records.
  • ‘Old’ documents can be converted to character (e.g. word) format for editing and republishing.
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